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ooooh! i love love vegas. my boy and i go every year. around december! not sure if we will be making it out this year. and btw — vegas have THE BEST thrift shops ever. of all time! and thank you sweet thing x


it was actually an accident. i was working as an agent at ford models (then they got bought out and hired all new people) well, one of my clients asked me to be in a music video.. i was like.. ME?? haha, and well — i did it. and the director of the music video then put me in his feature film. then boardwalk empire… then it kind of snowballed from there! im all in it! can’t complain about happy accidents x


for clothes? thrift shops. i like to go to run down hole in the walls because thats where you find the best things. when you think someone would never go in there to buy anything… thats where you go. for everything else. amazon! :)


aww thank you! you are so kind! i am 5’6” ..a bit on the “shorter” side but who cares! i am me. and thank you, you have a wonderful day as well, sweet thing. x


that makes my day to hear!! you are stunning, girl. omg! xo


to be really honest. it was pure luck. i met the people who ran the agency at a mutual friend’s birthday party. i had too much personality for my own good and got hired before i knew where he worked! turns out it was neal hamil agency. i was a very happy 16 year old :)