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neptune is a whirl world inhabitable planet that has 90% electric storms most of the time…. but looking at it through a telescope from earth… it is absolutely the most stunning color luminous blue ball. i like to romance the idea that life itself is a lot like neptune. crazy inside.. stormy and never to be tamed where from a distance.. the most beautiful of creations. something about neptune is a poem waiting to be written. 


haha, thank you! but jokes aside.. i have never really been a hair person. therefore, if my hair needs assistance other than drying naturally from my shower then its not the hair cut for me! this hair cut is the easiest to maintain for me. 1. shower 2. shake till dry.. sometimes for jobs i straighten the bottoms to give it a more rock and roll messy look and add some hairspray at top and shake again! i love your hair - its adorable.. I’m sure just as easy to maintain x


thank you x your words are very sweet to hear


thank you for the compliments! and yes, on the leather jacket and thigh highs! it isn’t all that warm here as you would think! winter is still holding on.. so layer lightly and dress comfortably! my favorite store in soho? agh, hard question.. there is no way i can choose one. necessary clothing is one of my favorite secret spots. its cheaper and fun for the moment! you should check it out! hope this helps! x